International Students

International Student Chaplaincy Amsterdam

The International Student Chaplaincy offers hospitality to students from all countries who study in the Netherlands regardless of their cultural and religious background.
Several pastors of the Protestant and Catholic churches work as chaplains with the international students in different towns.  The aim of the International Student Chaplaincy is to increase the spiritual, social and physical wellbeing of the international students so that their time in the Netherlands is a fruitful time for themselves and their communities. Our origin is Christian, but we are open to everybody who wants to join us.

In Amsterdam, students can join NEWConnective, an open, interreligious platform for students. Some of their activities are in English.
The activities cover a wide range including personal counselling, meals, cross-cultural evenings, interfaith sharing, excursions, retreats, prayers, and conferences. The International Student Chaplaincy offers to students:

  • - Pastoral care and practical help; (on appointment only)
  • - Companionship on the road of life;
  • - Inspiration for personal growth;
  • - Possibilities to cross borders of denomination, religion and culture;
  • - Encounters with Dutch society.
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